Leadership and management experience

  • Assistant Manager, Inspiration Lab, Vancouver Public Library
  • Acting Branch Head, Fraserview Branch, Vancouver Public Library
  • Acting Assistant Manager, Community Digital Initiatives, Vancouver Public Library
  • Acting Assistant Manager, Information Services (Public Service Delivery + Training), Vancouver Public Library
  • Safety Advocate & Volunteer Coordinator, Women’s Resource Center, Washington State University

Leadership philosophy

  • Practice adaptability and flexibility
  • Seize opportunities for teams to grow together through change
  • Use a systems thinking approach
  • Emphasize two-way communication, and model active listening
  • Create space for all voices to be valued and full-participants in the organization
  • Model and encourage an inclusive team environment of mutual respect
  • Utilize team members’ strengths
  • Empower team members to try to solve problems
  • Encourage creativity and leadership
  • Consistently find opportunities to build the team’s knowledge base
  • Model character and integrity
  • Acknowledge and deal with challenges and conflict promptly and openly
  • Regularly express gratitude and appreciation
  • Practice enlightened optimism*


glass half full of water also noted as hallf full of air with text: technically, the glass is always full.
Image credit: RelentlesslyOptimistic

*Enlightened optimism encourages action rather than emphasizing things that can go wrong.  Such optimism boosts self-confidence and inspires others, and these elements are akin to scaffolding. Thus a leader and team will be up to the challenge when things get shaky.