This Vancouver

As the acting Community Digital Initiatives Librarian at VPL, Erin contributed to some of the early conceptual work for what would become VPL’s digital repository for community stories, This Vancouver. Prior to its launch in 2016, she was able to revisit the project as acting Assistant Manager, Community Digital Initiatives, and support the team developing this amazing resource. This included supporting the Community Digital Initiatives team as they completed projects* and determined content for the site, as well as contributing to decisions around the design and name of the repository. *Related projects noted below.

Inspiration Lab

Leading up to the opening of VPL’s Inspiration Lab in May 2015, Erin contributed to initial staff training on ebook creation using Sigil and Adobe InDesign. After it opened, she was part of the team that staffed the Lab, assisting community members with using the recording studios, digitization equipment, and editing and creation software. Additionally, she developed and delivered a variety of digital creation courses offered for the public in the Lab. The opening of the Inspiration Lab earned the Innovation City Service Award from the City of Vancouver in 2015.

From September 2016 through September 2017, Erin was the acting Assistant Manager in charge of the day-to-day operation of the Inspiration Lab. In this role, she coached a new team of Inspiration Lab Technicians on course development and delivery, public service, and working with community partners. The position also entailed overseeing the space, including equipment replacement, software issues, and necessary policy updates. During this time, Erin had the opportunity to work with community partners, such as DOXA, and to oversee a successful TELUS Optik grant that brought in local award-wining documentary filmmaker Julia Ivanova to develop and lead a workshop series on the process of preparing to make a documentary film.

The Inspiration Lab also won the 2017 BCLA Eureka Award.

Erin continues to work with the Inspiration Lab as a librarian, focusing on community outreach and partnerships for the Lab, as well as continuing to support course development and learning strategies.

(Erin dearly loves the Inspiration Lab and its team! #VPLinspires)

West End Stories

Erin took over leading the Community Digital Initiative team on VPL’s first community digital project just after interview recordings had been completed. As acting Community Digital Initiative Librarian, she created tracking and collaboration tools for the project, determined options for audio hosting and content access, and guided the team on content decisions. She also had the immensely fun task of editing interviews and creating content for the final online exhibit of the project. This was an intense learning experience for the entire team, and was foundation for moving forward on other community digital projects. West End Stories was built as a stand-alone exhibit website, but has also been incorporated into This Vancouver.

Other projects

During her time as acting Assistant Manger, Community Digital Initiatives, Erin supported staff and worked with community partnerships related to the following VPL projects: